La Porta Santa – Securing works

Historical notes
The Cathedral of Santa Maria di Collemaggio is an important catholic place of worship of L’Aquila. It was established in 1827 by Pietro da Morrone, crowned Pope in 1294 under the name of Celestino V and it is the most important religious monument of the city. It contains the world’s first Holy Door and it is the seat of an annual Jubilee, the unique of its kind. The Cathedral and the Holy Door have been seriously damaged by the 2009 earthquake. 

Thanks to the love, the tradition and to the passion of the Gravina Group for the territory of L’Aquila, the group has been in the forefront, at its own expense, in the whole securing intervention of the Holy Door of the Cathedral of Santa Maria di Collemaggio, to make the symbol and the cornerstone of the celestinian event accessible to believers.

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