Corvi Palace – XVIII-XIX Century – SULMONA [L’Aquila]

Interiors restoration – Corvi Palace_SULMONA (L’Aquila) (XVIII-XIX centuries)
This building, historical residence of the Baron Corvi wealthy family coming from the Alto Sangro area (native of Neaples or Molise) probably rised up in the nearby of an existing XV century residence of their forefather Piergiovanni, on the edge of the oldest city walls and next to the now disappeared Porta Salvatori and which overlooked Piazza Garibaldi, a view that nowadays every aristocratic city families desire. It arises today, with its XVIII-XIX centuries restorations and after the recent restorations in the 90’s, with spaces and rooms richly decorated with excellent baroque style wall plasters and paintings. Its size is so wide that it covers a whole block and it has two impressive entrance, on Vico del Vecchio and on Via Roma.