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Fostering relationships with the territory in which it operates means many things to a company. First and foremost, the importance of the economic component: creating jobs, wealth and development are the first and direct impact that the Company generates towards the territory in which it is settled. The first but not the only one. In fact, if the word “business” must first of all mean, to us and to everyone, the ability to enhance men and resources, to ensure the success of our commitments, it is also true that there are other factors that contribute to move us and to motivate us, too; the need, for example, to affect also in the social and cultural environment with a system of initiatives carried out for the benefit of the community in which we operate.

The real growth of a company can never happen without a parallel progress of the community, but this process of virtuous impact on the territory cannot be entrusted only to the redistribution of employment, revenues and profits. It is also necessary to be able to seize and contribute to the enhancement of those cultural moments in which the community identifies itself, and from which it draws its own identity. Therefore, “armed” this way, any community will be able to deal positively with any future, and we with it.

“There is also a specific component of absolute belonging to the local community and it is the fact that our Group, our companies are born from this silent, hard-working, cosy Apennine province: the simple concreteness, the hard work of our people are the bedrock from which we were born; the respect, both for traditions and the work of our fathers, is the stone on which we have based our business philosophy; for these reasons, or more precisely, on the basis of these links, it does not seem useful nor possible to us to distinguish the core values of the Group from the highest expressions cultural, artistic, historical of our land.”


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Il Presidente
Gabriele Gravina