The passion in designing and constructing residential buildings has always been the driving force behind the Gravina Group that, while developing its own know-how by executing infrastructural works of any type, has remained linked to the construction of buildings, leaving an indelible mark on the land. There are many works that have been carried out over the years, from the private and residential real estate sector to the public buildings sector, always characterized by the same passion, the same attention to details, the attention and respect to safety and environment.

This is what made the Gravina Group today inseparably linked to the quality of living. Having its roots in a highly seismic area, the Group has always been in the forefront of research for new technologies to be applied to buildings. Another aspect of well-building is the energy saving, intended as lBuildingiving comfort and economic saving: this is the reason why all the realizations are characterized by low energy consumption associated with high standard of living quality, as for the construction of the buildings “Le Betulle” certificated by CASACLIMA. Moreover, thanks to the strong corporate structure in paying the same attention to every phase of the work, the Group has recently created a specialized area for the realization of civil and industrial plants providing also expert advices to solve complex engineering issues.

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