The Gravina Group has always been careful to the development of communication tools in order to represent and enhance its institutional image and those of the companies related to it, highly regarding the value of a fair marketing strategy which could coordinate in a harmonious way every activity of this sector. We have collected in this section the most important communication tools that the Gravina Group has created over the years. From institutional communication and ADV, with advertising pages, our company profile and the brochure to multimedia communication, with our website, videos and web marketing analysis and strategies.


  • 2102 Stand Cittadella dello Sport > EIRE – Milano
  • 2013  Stand Gruppo Gravina > Salone della Ricostruzione – L’Aquila
  • 2014  Stand Gruppo Gravina > Salone della Ricostruzione – L’Aquila
  • 2014 Stand Gruppo Gravina and IEEC at Saudi Energy – Riyadh (Arabia Saudita)
  • Pagina Gruppo GravinaPagina pubblicitaria per rivista di settore [pdf High Res]




Brochure _Ricostruzione L'Aquila

Brochure – Ricostruzione L’Aquila [985 Kb Low Res]



Depliant _IEEC

Depliant – IEEC Italian for Energy & Environment Consortium [541 Kb Low Res]